Alanis y Jung

image Pensaba que Alanis Morrisette  tenía que conocer de la psicología de Carl Jung pues el contenido de varias de sus canciones revela principios fundamentales de esta psicología. En esta entrevista valida mi hipotesis:

And so it is that I find myself early one Monday morning, in an antiseptic room in one of London’s more expensive hotels, with the Canadian superstar holding court on the benefits of a form of treatment she is currently undergoing, known as Shadow Therapy. Apparently, Carl Jung first coined the phrase. She endeavours to explain.

“Basically, it’s a process to help locate the different parts of one’s self – all parts, both good and bad, light, shadow and dark – to help create a whole. And that, for want of a better word, is my goal. To become whole. It doesn’t matter whether that means whole in my anger or my rage or my greed or my generosity or any other polarity. The aim, simply, is to be whole and be OK with that.” She stops talking, and I am grateful. “Does that make sense?” she wonders.

Y para ejemplo, con una de sus canciones basta:

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