Ensayo de intereses académicos

Para que tengas una idea de lo que es el ensayo de intereses académicos, presentamos a continuación un ejemplo del mismo:

Statement of Purpose (Example)

I am ________________, a junior psychology student at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus (UPR-M). Since my second year as a collegestudent, I have been part of the Dean’s List of the University of Puerto Rico.

Ever since I was a high school student and had to make a decision regarding what I wanted to study, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to help improve the society in which I lived. I always have been concerned about the problems that affect the Puerto Rican society and their impact on the individual. Therefore, I wanted to study a scientific field that would provide me the knowledge to better understand these problems and the tools and skills to find adequate solutions. Psychology was the field, which better fitted my interest and goals and so I decided to pursue a career in this field.

As I began to take courses in Psychology I have learned about the different areas and specialization that exists in this discipline, what they study and how they focus on the problems that pertain them. The areas which interest me most are: 1) Social Psychology because it studies the way in which we interact with each other in society and how groups can influence on the individual behavior and mental processes; 2) Development Psychology because it studies the different physical, socio-emotional and cognitive changes that take place during our life span and the factors associated with these changes; 3) Experimental Psychology because it provides important research skills that can be used to better understand and explain different problems; and 4) Clinical Psychology because it studies how emotional problems originate and apply psychological interventions to help people resolve them.

In accordance with the specialties in psychology that interest me mostly, I would like to work in your Summer Research Program with one of the following professors: ____________, _____________, and _______________ . The research project titled Contextual Influences on Motivational and Emotional Development in Children (Dr. ______) is important to me because I consider that early contextual experiences during childhood are important for the development of personality in later life stages (adolescent and adult). The research project titled Cognitive Process and Social Relationship Under Varying Levels of Stress (Dr. ________) will let me better understand the impact of stress and how individuals employ different coping strategies to deal with these stresors. Finally, the research project titled Developmental Aspects of Transactions of Persons -in- Environments is of importance to me because by knowing the effects of transitions in environment we can prevent specific behavior.

After completing my bachelor degree in Psychology, I will apply to graduate studies in one of the Psychology areas mentioned above. I am very interested in having laboratory and field research experiences that will provide me with important theoretical and practical knowledge and skills necessary to better prepare me for graduate school. I also consider that the experiences that I can obtain in your Undergraduate Summer Program are going to help me define in which of my areas of interest I can make a better contribution to society.

Note – Previous research experiences should be mentioned, if any. Specifically, mention the research theme and tasks conducted. Finally, a sentence explaining the knowledge obtained and its relation with short and long term career goals should also be include

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